Shaleiah Fox, Founder and President

Shaleiah is an advocate and philanthropist, who has worked to turn her personal experience in the foster care system into positivity wherever possible. Much of her graduate research and volunteer work has addressed transitional living programs and the gaps in services for youth who have aged out of the foster care system, believing very simply that these children are ours to care for and protect. She is a proud mother of a well-fed toddler, would always rather be camping, and will happily finish your plate should you need help.

Candace Maxin, Treasurer

Candace is a seasoned marketing manager who brings over 10 years of strategic leadership experience developing and managing complex programs and budgets for brands such as Dell, AT&T, Masterfoods, and Sara Lee. She is a native Austinite who is passionate about empowering the youth in our community. Candace enjoys running, going to live concerts, traveling and experimenting with new appetizer recipes.


Lauren Nottingham, Secretary

A New Orleans native, Lauren's most prized possession is her grandmother's cast iron skillet. Whether it was learning how to make gumbo, or watching her grandparents feed everyone seated at their table, she learned early on what a nurturing role food can play. With a Masters in Public Affairs, Lauren works as a state-level policy associate to improve the health and nutrition of kids in Texas.



Claudette Kazzoun

Claudette is the owner, chef, and event manager of Bespoke Food Austin. Claudette has loved food, hospitality and entertaining since growing up in her family’s restaurant. She has managed and consulted with high-end restaurants and worked with the Four Seasons, and her food-styling work has appeared on the cover of Food and Wine and Gourmet magazines and in many cookbooks.



Erin Thomas

Erin is a fundraising professional who specializes in annual giving and donor relations. A native of Detroit, she is passionate about empowering youth through enrichment programs, which she also benefitted from herself growing up. Her favorite childhood memories include sitting around the kitchen table laughing, eating and playing board games with extended family. 



Ashley Cherry, Program Coordinator

A native of Central Texas, Ashley has 20 years of experience working in the food service industry. She studied holistic nutrition and found her love of cooking and nourishing others while working for LifeWorks's Residential Food Service Department as a cook and then as the Food and Wellness Coordinator. It was there that she helped pilot Fresh Chefs Society's first programs. She spends her free time relaxing and goofing around with her husband and toddler.