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This is an exciting time for Fresh Chefs Society. We are using the remainder of 2019 and the first part of 2020 to explore the impact our work has had on foster youth and chart our new course, filled with delicious meals, job skill-building opportunities, and communication connections. We’ll work to strengthen partnerships across Central Texas that empower foster youth to take charge of their lives.

Stay tuned!


Through a three-tiered program approach, Fresh Chefs Society’s programs meet the needs of youth on their journey to food discovery.  

Tier One – Hello, Good Cooking.

·      Hands-on cooking classes, demonstrations, and workshops

·      Designed to increase exposure to the food systems in their community

Tier Two – My Kitchen is Your Kitchen.

·      Fresh Chefs Potluck Club – bimonthly gatherings at volunteers’ homes where youth, volunteers, foster parents, and foster care facility staff bring a dish and connect, catch up, and build community 

·      Guest Chef – local chefs and home cooks prepare meals alongside youth in foster care facilities

·      Encourages connections around a dinner table allowing youth to interact with food in familiar spaces to increase normalcy around food

Tier Three – Job Training in a Positive Environment.   

·      Apprenticeship Program - a six-month program, that introduces youth to the full spectrum of the food service industry and provides on-the-job training experiences in a variety of settings

·      Invites youth who are interested in learning more about the food industry to apply and participate in a supportive and interactive interview process, obtain their food handlers certificate, assistance in resume building, public speaking experience, and exposed to environments where dining and food are central to social interaction