2017 marks Fresh Chefs Society’s fifth year of empowering youth through food. We’ve learned so much about what is truly needed and wanted by our youth. All of our programs offer a new way of connecting community to youth through food and creating experiences that enrich their lives, enhance their connection to food and give them important life skills.

iCook Education
The iCook Education program can take many forms, but at the core, aims to create excitement and curiosity around cooking through hands-on demonstrations and food experiences in a variety of settings, including seminars and workshops, camps, food venues, home and commercial kitchens, restaurants, and markets.  The classes include lessons in basic cooking skills, preparing meals on a limited budget, introduction to local food sources, and the connection between food and culture.

Guest Chef
The Guest Chef program invites chefs to lead an interactive cooking demonstration with the youth at their transitional living facilities or group homes. Chefs not only introduce and model basic cooking skills, but they have the opportunity to share and discuss why they have chosen the culinary arts as their profession.

Fresh Chefs Potluck Club
Meeting every other month, the Fresh Chefs Potluck Club gathers in the home of a volunteer or chef, to share a meal made by many hands. The club consists of youth, Fresh Chefs volunteers, foster care staff, food professionals, and food-lovers. In true potluck fashion, you always leave with full bellies - and full hearts.

Apprentice Program
The Apprentice Program offers a safe space to develop soft, pre-employment skills through a series of cooking-related learning experiences including in depth classes with local restaurants, chefs, farms, and other community food experts.  Each Fresh Chefs Apprentice will graduate with a shopping bag of skills including but not limited to: a completed food handler’s certificate, interview techniques and experience, and an insider’s view of working in the food industry. After completing the program, the apprentices will become part of the Fresh Chefs alumni network, where they'll have access to job opportunities, continuing education, and a variety of food-related events.