Photography By Brio Yiapan

Fresh Chefs thrives because of its community. Chefs, restaurants, food lovers, and active community members give their time in the kitchen, on a farm, at a grocery store, even their homes - to create positive food experiences for youth in care. Here's what volunteering with Fresh Chefs looks like:

Teach a cooking class. When we say teach a cooking class, we simply mean show some really great kids how to make your favorite meal. Or perhaps you have an easy dish that is inexpensive that has been your "go to" for busy weekdays. Or maybe you have a meal that has been a tradition for your family and you want to share that with others. Sure, we've had Austin-based chefs like Rick Lopez of La Condesa or Rebecca Meeker of Lucky Lime Guest Chef for our youth and that was super special - but equally as meaningful is the time spent in the kitchen with people who just love food. 

• Join our Events Committee or our Volunteer Email Round-Up. Both of these opportunities are great for the busy person that you are. For the Events Committee, you'll help us plan parties - either for the youth or for our supporters. We host only a couple a year, so it's not a huge time commitment. Gotta a knack for event planning? Then this is the committee for you! The Volunteer Email Round-Up is a periodical email that goes out to our faithful volunteer base with the various volunteer opportunities coming up. These opportunities include assisting with a cooking demonstration, hosting a potluck or shopping for an event or kitchen supplies. Simply reply back with the event you are interested in and we'll get you all set up! 

Host a Fresh Chefs Society event. Gotta great event space and an idea for a collaboration? Give us a shout! We host two fundraisers and a number of other youth-specific and driven events throughout the year and we are always looking for new spaces in our great city. 


If you would like to get involved with Fresh Chefs, please contact us at